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For me, part of eating well and trying to be healthy is a weekly meal plan.  I take breakfast and lunch to work because I hate the idea of standing in front of a cafe menu board every day trying to decide what to get!  There are some obvious and probably well published benefits of bringing food to work including:

1. Saving money

2. Healthy options

3. Portion control

I thought I’d share my weekly plans so to show you that you can eat well even if you take your lunch to work.  No more processed ham and cheese toasties!

We do have a microwave, toaster and sandwich press at work so I can be a bit creative about what I eat.  However, I believe as long as you plan properly, you can always eat interesting meals at work.

Creating a weekly meal plan

My meal plan generally goes from Monday breakfast to Thursday dinner.  We are often out on the weekends and if we do happen to be home, I make something up using the leftovers in my fridge and the staples in my pantry.  Click here to see what one of my plans looks like.

On the weekend, I sit down and make my plan and shopping list.  If I have time, I’ll browse some recipe books or the web for inspiration.  The amount of time I have cooking will dictate what I can make!  After getting the groceries, I cook breakfast and lunch for the first 3 to 4 days of the week.  Wednesday’s leftovers often become Thursday’s lunch.

Make your own meal plan

If you want to create your own meal plan, click here for a blank copy.  Print it out and feel free to use my meal plans for inspiration.  I plan breakfast and snacks for me as my husband is a light breakfast eater and he buys fruit at his work so if you want to follow one of my plans, adjust the shopping list accordingly.  Leave me a note if you have any questions.