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This week is redo week.  Rather than coming up with new recipes, I’m going to have another go at some of the recipes that I’ve posted before.  The fishcakes from last week are going on the redo list for another time as my potatoes ended up being too runny so I need to play around with a few things.





Multi-Grain English Muffin w Cashew Nut Butter

Chicken & Mushroom Congee w Asian Greens

Steak w Mushrooms & Snow Peas


Penne & Sausage



Penne & Sausage

Crispy Skin Salmon w Peas & Broccoli

Click here to view or print a copy of the plan with the shopping list.

For breakfast, it’s a redo of the cashew nut butter to see if I can shorten the time it takes to make.  This will be eaten on an English muffin.  The new recipe for the nut butter can be found here.

For lunch on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, I’m redoing the chicken and mushroom congee that I tried a few weeks ago.  The recipe is now posted here.  I’m going to serve this with Asian greens cut into 2cm pieces, added to the lunch container and cooked when I reheat the congee at work.

For dinner on Monday, it’s pan-fried steak with mushrooms and snow peas.

For Tuesday’s dinner and Thursday’s lunch, it’s a redo of the penne and sausage dish.  This time, I’m going to try it with only 1 can of tomatoes.  The original recipe is here and I’ll post an updated version next week.

We’re out on Wednesday night so no cooking then.  Thursday’s dinner is crispy skin salmon with the salmon steamed in the Varoma on the Thermomix and the skin made crispy in a frying pan at the end.  This is served with peas and broccoli that are cooked in the Varoma along with the salmon.